How to use “Quick Photo Album” for iPhone

p>A youtube video is included to explain how to use app.
you can also check at:

[Make and View Photo Album]

[Edit Photo Album]

[Dropbox connection]

[Useful Tool for Quickly Choose Photos]


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♦ "Quick Photo Album" crashes when I do something.

This instability caused by lack of memory on iPhone, because the app to treat photos having problem that it needs much memory. We are so sorry that you can't use our app comfortably.

I guide general way of the securing of memory. Could you please try follows?

[To restart iPhone]
1) Hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top right
2) Wait for the power off slider to appear, then drag the slider
3) Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button to turn on power

[To close other apps]
1) Press the iPad home button twice
2) Swipe to either the right or left to locate the app you want to close
3) Tap and hold the app you want to close
4) Swipe upward

If the problem persists, please also try restarting "Quick Photo Album".

[To restart "Quick Photo Album"]
1) Press the iPad home button twice
2) Once the apps running in the background are displayed at the bottom of the screen, long press any icon
3) Press the close button (X mark) at the top left of the icon for any app you're not currently using
4) Go to the iPad home screen by pressing the home button
5) Open "Quick Photo Album"

♦ How to delete photos from album on "Quick Photo Album"

You can see this in the below video, it may help you to resolve your issue:

This video shows how to delete photos from album on “Quick Photo Album”.

If you want to delete photos from iPad, You cannot delete photos in this app (This is the spec of iOS) Use a standard Photo app to delete photos.